December 8, 2016

Android Studio setup for Cocos2d-X 3.x

Keepers Game I’ve been working on Cocos2d-X 3.x all of 2016. And boy, it’s a doozy! It’s great when it works and other times I am slapping Google like a piece of analog hardware - tap, tap, tap - are you working?! It all started with the easiest of setups. cocos new -p AwesomeInfinite That set me up nicely with project.ios_mac and for iOS and Android respectively. Read more

December 5, 2016

twitter card

The main reason I want Twitter integration is so that my posts look nice when linked on a tweet. The way it works is by adding meta tags that enable Twitter to pull information for display purposes. I wanted the title, a photo, and the Twitter username so it’s enough to give the reader some idea about what my post is about and if it’s worth their time to read the post further. Read more

December 5, 2016


An important thing I realized while creating apps, riding motorcycles, and trying to stick to a healthy eating and fitness regimen that I discarded paths that didn’t work. And there’s a quite a few of them paths. However the monolith of these paths had some useful parts. So I decided to document my present efforts as best I can. I already started a blog and very likely it’ll be discontinued from here on. Read more

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